• We’ve been installing Runcorn Aerials & Satellite Dishes for over 25 years
  • TV Aerial Freeview installers in the local area
  • We fit and connect TV services in the local area

Runcorn Aerials in Halton,
TV Aerials & Repair

Are you looking for a new YouView aerial or a Freesat Dish? Do you need help with digital TV installation in Runcorn? Then A1 Antenna Aerials is the place to go for all Runcorn aerials and satellite installations.

We are here to help with all of your aerial, satellite and TV installation needs. We have been in business since the early 1990s when TVs were heavy boxes and the internet was a technology of the future.

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Runcorn TV Aerial Engineers in Halton

Today, we not only install aerials and dishes but will provide satellite dish and TV aerial repairs in Runcorn and the surrounding areas.

Our service area stretches all around the south bank of the River Mersey from Thornton-le-Moors and Helsby including digital TV aerial installation in Runcorn and along the M56 to Frodsham, Sutton Weaver, Preston Brook, Dutton, Hatton, Norton, Daresbury and all the way to Appleton and along to Higher Walton. We also supply all areas of Runcorn such as Weston and Weston point.

Leave it to our Experienced Engineers

We provide a full range of services, from installing digital TV aerials and satellite dishes, to repairing both aerials and dishes as well as ensuring that you have excellent quality reception for all channels from broadcasters such as Sky, Sky HD, Freeview, Freeview HD, Freesat and BT Vision.

If you need help in setting up your smart TV just call us. This will give you immediate access to films, music and any number of TV series not just from YouTube and BBC iplayer but via paid services such as Blinkbox, Amazon Prime instant Video, Netflix and Now TV.

We can also help you to install Talk Talk broadband which will give you a YouView box with its bundled TV, phone and broadband package. You can also catch up with popular films and videos through Talk Talk Player.

Poorly installed satellite dishes and aerials have a habit of becoming dislodged or even falling down in bad weather. We can re-install your dish or aerial and make sure that it is properly connected to your cabling so that the reception remains at its best. In some cases, we may suggest re-locating your dish or aerial in order to ensure that it is securely fixed to the building and to achieve the best possible signal quality for you.

We’ve been installing Runcorn Aerials
& Satellite Dishes for over 25 years.

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