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Free TV with Freeview - Over 12 HD Channels

Do You Need a Freeview installation engineer?

Freeview provides some of the best subscription-free TV available in the UK. In addition to the principal terrestrial channels, Freeview offers access to channels such as BBC4, E4, ITV2, ITV4 and many others as well as over 20 radio stations. Freeview HD will also offer additional HD channels as they become available.

In order to watch Freeview you will need a compatible digital aerial. We can visit your property and carry out a survey to advise you on your Freeview aerials installation and how to achieve the best reception in your area.

The standard type of TV aerial is called a Yagi aerial. This consists of a rod with a reflector at the back and is mounted on a pole. An array of spiked elements extends from the front and enables reception. In most places this standard aerial is all that is needed to receive digital TV. But the reception is not always perfect. A Yagi aerial is directional in its function and will pick up a signal from the transmitter towards which it is pointed. These aerials are also only suitable for a small range of transmission frequencies.

Since the October 2012 switchover to digital TV transmission in Britain, most homes now have high quality digital aerials. A Freeview digital TV aerial installation is necessary in areas where the signal strength is low or for consumers who wish to receive all of the Freeview channels.

High Quality Aerials

These high quality aerials come in three classes, all of which we can supply and install. The highest standard, Class 1, is suitable for homes that are located on the fringes of any coverage areas. The intermediate standard, Class 2, best suits those located within a coverage area. The minimum standard, Class 3, will provide a good reception within a coverage area.

Our specialist engineers have over two decades of experience in the installation of aerials and satellites for businesses and domestic customers. Please contact us if you want to improve the quality of your TV and Freeview reception. We will of course provide a fully detailed quotation before you agree to any work. All things considered, if you need Freeview installing, contact A1 Antenna Aerials!

A1 Antenna Aerials have over 20 Years Experience
with Installing TV Aerials

On Your TV

Freeview is now available built directly into the television

No subscriptions or monthly costs, just top quality television. You no longer need to have a secondary device for your Freesat TV, there are now plenty of television sets available with all the features built-in.

Digital Aerials

You may need a powerful Digital TV Aerial for Freeview TV

If you’ve already got an existing TV Aerial installed, we can check it’s viability for digital television like Freeview TV. Failing this, upgrading your aerial to a more powerful Digital TV Aerial may be your only option.

Freeview HD

Watch up to 12 HD channels with Freeview HD

The subscription is free with Freeview HD and on the 12 HD channels, the picture is almost five times better than with standard definition channels. If it’s clarity you’re after, then it doesn’t get much clearer than that.

We Install
Freeview TV

We can install Freeview TV services in your home

There is a vast array of free TV channels out there, with great features like pause, record and rewind TV. With some of the biggest players in home television entertainment including Freeview, Youview and Freesat.