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Do You Need a Freesat installer?

Freesat is a free to air satellite digital TV service that was set up in 2008 as a joint venture between the BBC and ITV. It is essentially a satellite alternative to the terrestrial free to air digital TV Freeview service. It provides wider coverage than Freeview and with over 200 TV channels, it offers more than double the channels. The high definition HD service has been available on Freesat since its launch.

The Freesat service uses the same satellites – Sky, Astra 28.2E and Eutelsat 28A – that are used by subscription satellite services. This means that any home that already has a satellite positioned to receive these subscription services will be able to receive Freesat provided that there is an appropriate cable running from the dish to the receiver in the property. All that will be needed is a box that can be plugged into the receiver and you will be ready to watch any channel you choose.

For homes that do not have a satellite dish, the service can be provided by our experienced Freesat installer. As Freesat satellite dish installers we can provide a satellite dish and a receiver that will enable you to sit back and enjoy satellite TV for free.

Just contact us to arrange a visit from our team of experienced Freesat installer engineers. We will be able to install Freesat according to your requirements and will provide you with a fully detailed quotation. A1 Antenna Aerials will ensure that the dish is installed in the most discreet possible location and that the cable running from the dish to the receiver is equally discreet. We recognise the need to avoid the untidy sight of cables running all over a property.

Installation Details?

You can choose either a single or twin cable depending on your budget and the quality of picture you would like to receive. The cost of a twin cable will of course be a little higher than that of a single cable. Costs also depend on the length of cable required.

Our engineers are also able to realign, repair or remove existing satellite dishes, in addition to changing the installation to a better location for reception. As a further service we can deliver Freesat or any other satellite service to any room in your home. In a word, if you’re after a professional Freesat installer, contact A1 Antenna Aerials!

A1 Antenna Aerials have over 20 Years Experience
with Installing Satellites

On Your TV

Freesat is now available built directly into the televisionNo subscriptions or monthly costs, just top quality television. You no longer need to have a secondary device for your Freesat TV, there are now plenty of television sets available with all the features built-in.

Already Got
a Satellite?

We can re-align, install and repair Satellite DishesIf you’ve already got a satellite dish installed, it couldn’t be easier to switch to Freesat. We’ll simply check that it’s correctly aligned, plug in your Freesat box or TV and connect it up to your broadband access point.

Freesat HD

Pause, Record and Rewind 500 hours of TVFree yourself from unwanted interruptions. Choose a Freesat+ HD box and you can pause, rewind & record as much as 500 hours of TV. And the really great part is, there’s no monthly subscriptions to pay, ever.

We Install
Freesat TV

We can install Freesat TV services in your homeThere is a vast array of free TV channels out there, with great features like pause, record and rewind TV. With some of the biggest players in home television entertainment including Freesat, Freeview and Youview.