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We our experienced Digital TV Aerial installers and Satellite Engineers. We have a vast array of knowledge in home television, radio and online services. Certainly a lot has changed since we first started as satellite and TV aerial installers way back in 1993.

A year when Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan collaborated together for the successful ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ film. It seems like an age away, because it is. Television sets were analogue and rather bulky back then. Home set top box TV aerials were a common site. The internet was a mere novelty, with very little online activity. Furthermore, Google didn’t even exist! Yeah, maybe we like to bang the drum a lot about us being around in this competitive industry for such a long time. This is only because we know how invaluable our experience is. There are some jobs which prove too difficult for novices due to inexperience. We know, because we’ve undertaken plenty of these projects in the past, jobs that turn-out to be near impossible to find a solution to. Had we not been able to call upon our vast knowledge we’ve accumulated over the two decades as TV aerial installers, we may never of been able to solve these issues. With experience comes knowledge!

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Finally, where an aerial or satellite is situated is one of the most important factors for some clients. As a result, we always confer with the client first on the best location. Furthermore, we also offer advice on the right type of aerial as well as where best to install it.